About surveying and buildings

We conduct surveys and building materials on buildings, investigate, check whether it is in compliance with the law, perform seismic diagnosis and regular safety checks.

In addition, we are requesting notifications and various procedures obliged to be done by the owner, such as a building confirmation application to notify each local government of new buildings and documents to the Housing Loan Corporation to ask the fee for the owner’s construction expenses, There is also a work to do on behalf of the owner.

In this way, the design, field management, various procedures, and the work of the architect are very diverse. It is busy but can be said to be one of the rewarding tasks.

In addition to the work related to the work site, the architect has a job of doing work related to educational institutions related to architecture and engaging in research and qualification examination in order to train backward.

In addition, there are jobs for planning and designing public buildings and reviewing the safety of buildings etc.

Confirmation of work related to public buildings, the safety of buildings, etc. is done by civil servants. Therefore, it means that the architect is involved in the administration as a civil servant.