Architecture has the same history as human beings are born and developed and are still indispensable.

As humans live, it is said that “clothing, shelter and living” are necessary, but the very building that is responsible for that “living” is architecture.

However, it was not so long ago that the term construction was used for the first time in Japan.

After the Meiji Restoration occurred, various things came into Japan from foreign countries after the isolation of the isolation of the Edo era until then, one of them is the word architecture was.

In translating it, since there was no proper word in Japanese until then, the architect, then Mr. Chuta Ito, made a new term of architecture and it began with the announcement.

In Japan until the Edo period, buildings were made up of samurai residences where castles and samurai live, nagaya where ordinary people live, and shops where merchants shop.

When building these buildings, the word civil work is often used and the concept of building a building has not been in Japan until then.

In particular, the English word architecture also included the meaning of creating.

It probably included the meaning of an artistic work.

However, in Japan, architecture is civil engineering work, I never thought about creating artworks.

So when Mr. Itoh created the word of architecture, there was an intention to make this word a nuance that included the meaning of imagination.

In Japan now, although the concept of capturing architecture as a work of art is born more than this time, I think that the meaning of art creation is not included as much as Mr. Chuta Itoh wanted.

It is a feeling that nuances of civil engineering and creation are included in half.

However, the word construction style came to be used even in Japan, and I think that it became recognized that in the architecture, each person living in different ages and age is different, and the architectural style is different.

It may be good to think that this is the first step for the development of architecture as art.