Definition of building

By the way, in the Building Standard Law, which is the legal basis of Japanese architecture, the term “construction” is defined as “the construction, construction, renovation, (Article 2, No. 13).

However, in general, when we say construction, not only is it involved in work for new construction, expansion, rebuilding, and relocation, but also the meaning including all of the planning, design, and construction for that, as a nuance I think that it contains.

Originally it was a construction that began with what was built to protect ourselves from nature and animals but then began to build as an ancestor and architecture to worship God.

When we come to send group life further and the position based on the hierarchical relationship is born, architecture to show its position, role, authority etc will also develop.

If so, the architecture was made influenced by many things such as that era, its place, climate, national character, values, regionality, etc., especially the ideas of individuals are well reflected It can be said that it is stuff.

Among various modern values, a wide variety of buildings are beginning to be built.

Looking at the building with such a line of sight, you can see a different architectural world than before and you can make it interesting.