Examination by architect

In the examination once a year, there are a primary exam and secondary exam. The first exam is a subject exam, only those who pass this can proceed to the second exam.

The second test is a design draft test. If the primary exam passed but it failed in the secondary exam, there is also the merit that exempt examination is exempted only the following year. In many cases, the primary exam is done at the beginning of August every year, the design drawing test is done in late October.

Also, qualifications for examinations are clearly decided in the qualification examination for architects. In the case of taking a first-class architect, after graduating from the department of architecture or civil engineering in the university, after graduating from the architecture department or civil engineering department of a three-year college or two years or more in construction experience, I am a person who has more than 3 years of practical experience.

Besides, those who have graduated from the department of architecture or the department of civil engineering at junior colleges or technical colleges have work experience of over 4 years and those who have already acquired qualifications for second grade construction workers have experience in building construction With a minimum of 4 years, a first-class architect can take the exam.

If you want to take the qualifications of a second-class architect or a wooden architect, the examination qualifications are as follows. Graduated from university and technical college of architecture, if graduating from the department of civil engineering, you will need over one year of architectural practical experience.

If you graduate from a high school architecture department or civil engineering department, you can receive second-class architects and wooden architects if you have over 3 years of practical experience on construction.

Also, regardless of academic background, even if you have more than seven years of practical experience in construction, you can take a qualification examination for a second-class architect or a wooden architect.

However, in response to the revision of the Building Law on November 28, 2008, the entrance examination qualifications and academic qualifications changed for 2009 (2009) student.